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How to fix a bent basketball rim? (FIXED)

We heated it up with a cutting torch and hammered it back. If you don't have a cutting torch, try using a car jack. Put it in between the sides that are squished, and slowly jack it (no homo) until it starts to bend back into place. 01-14-2010, 03:16 PM #4. Doc Holliday.

How To Fix A Bent Basketball Rim Using A Car Jack

The only real issue was the rim was bent. Sure I could have used it as an excuse for missing perfect swishes, but the idea of how to fix it was now in my head! I am sure if you have had a basketball hoop like this one before you know that it if is not weighed down, the wind can knock them over very easily.

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The wind from a recent storm knocked our beloved basketball hoop over, thus bending the rim and rendering it unusable. There weren't any curse words while the husband was installing, so that's always a plus and says good things in our house.

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Quick fix using a floorjack to repair a bent basketball hoop rim back to it's proper shape.

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Apply the torch flame to the damaged area of the rim. Heat the area for a few minutes. Hold the flame only in the damaged area. The rim will become pliable as it heats up. Turn off the torch and quickly but carefully place the hot section of the rim on the concrete. Hit the hot area with a hammer, reshaping the rim to its original round shape.

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But by the ’60s and early ’70s, dunking was growing more common. With it, rims were getting bent out of shape and falling off the hoop. In 1976, a breakaway rim — with hinges that allow it to bend upward and downward with less injury risk to both the player and hoop itself — was first introduced by Arthur Ehrat.

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So when running, start slow and accelerate over time as you reach the hoop; at the same time, run on the balls of your feet with your toes extended upwards. The two methods in conjunction will increase your momentum coming into the jump and your overall explosiveness which will improve your vertical. Practicing Dorsiflexion