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Cycling Terms: The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Cycling Lingo

Cycling Lingo: The Ultimate A to Z Guide A-E. Short for aerodynamic, this adjective is used to describe gear (bike frames, helmets, and wheels) designed for... F-J. This is a popped tire. But don’t fret: Flat tires happen to the best of cyclists, which is why you should always... K-P. This cycling ...

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n. a 100 mile bike ride, or a metric century which is 100 km. Takes about four and a half or three hours, respectively, on a road bike, if you're in reasonable shape. (The ability to do a metric century in 2.5 to 3 hours is why people get road bikes.) ceramic.

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Cycling Vocabulary Word List (308) A) Ability, Accessories, Acclaim, Accomplishment, Active, Adjustment, Advertise, Advocate, Aerobic activity, Aerodynamic, Aggression, Air pump, Allure, Amateur, Approach, Ascent, Association, Attack, Award. B) Balance, Basic, Bicycle, Bike, Break, Breakaway, Broadcast, Burning. C)

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cycling. When you ride a bicycle, you are cycling. Sometimes, though less often, it also is used to refer to motorcycle riding. The roots of the word cycling are ancient. Both Latin and Greek have similar words that mean "circle, wheel." It's only natural, then, that a two-wheeled vehicle should be a bicycle and that cycling involves riding that vehicle. Occasionally, it can be used as a verb describing something going through a cycle, like a dishwasher cycling through.

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Sitting in the slipstream (or “drafting”) allows riders to expend 30-40 percent less energy. Drafting behind a motor vehicle is called “motorpace.”. Peloton: Watch out Mufasa, stampede! The stampeding pack of riders in a road race is called the peloton (French for “little ball,” and also known as the bunch or pack).

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A group of cyclists cycling in a close knit formation akin to a road race, normally for the purposes of training. Chain slap Annoying slapping of the bike's chain against the chainstays while riding over rough terrain. Chain suck The tendency of a chain to stick to chainrings and be sucked up into the bike instead of coming off the chainring.

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Bicycling vocabulary, Bicycling word list - www.myvocabulary.com

Bicycling Vocabulary Word List (225) A) Ability, Accelerate, Accident, Adults, Adventure, Aerodynamic, Air, Alloy, Aluminum, Appeal, Ascent, Aspiration, Assembly, Athletic. B) Balance, Beauty, Brake, Brand, Breath. C)

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So, undoubtedly cycling is a big thing in Spain and, in consequence, the vocabulary about your bike in Spanish is extensive and well-developed. In the professional world of cycling, Spain is one of the powerhouse nations, while Colombia has a long tradition of producing excellent mountain riders.