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Understanding golf betting odds. The golf betting odds are clear and easy to comprehend. If you understand futures bets in any sport, you’ll know that you’re picking which golfer will win or finish first or second, depending on the type of bet you put. The odds represent the chances of that golfer winning or placing.

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How to Bet Golf - PGA Golf Betting Explained. Odds to Win. The odds to win or betting to win wager in Golf is the easiest and by far the most popular type of bet. The sports book oddsmaker will give the bettor money line odds on specific golfers to win a tournament or event, as well as odds on “the field”, which is an opportunity to wager on a collection of the golfers not given individual odds.

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Golf Betting Explained. This is the Definitive Betting Brain Guide to Gambling on Golf and was written to give bettors a complete understanding to betting on golf and PGA tournaments. When it comes to betting, golf is one of the toughest sports to win at, but can potentially be one of the most rewarding. Week in, week out there are events on the many golf tours you’ll be able to gamble on.

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All that being said, let’s talk about what the bet actually is. A “to win” bet is a bet on who will win a particular golf tournament. If you think that Jason Day is going to win an upcoming tournament, you can place a “to win” bet on him for that particular event. If he wins the tournament, you win your bet.

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In terms of golf betting, the main competitions of interest are the four yearly majors (The Masters, US Open, The Open and PGA Championship), as well as PGA Tour events, European Tour events and the Ryder Cup - women’s golf has an equivalent for all of these competitions.

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How to read and understand golf betting odds. The most common bet someone would make on golf is picking a player to win a specific event, season-long contest (e.g., FedEx Cup, money list) or award.

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It cannot be overstated. The key to successful long term golf betting, or betting on any sport, is in identifying value opportunities. If you want to make consistent profits betting on golf, then you must make more accurate assessments of a given outcome’s probability than those represented by bookmaker odds.

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Another mainstream way to bet on golf is to make a bet on a player to finish in a certain position among the field. There are a number of positions you can bet on the player to make, including finishing in the top 5, top 10 or top 20. This means that for your bet to cash, a player must break the position that you set for them.