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Tendonitis, tennis elbow. How was your experience ... - reddit

This stretch is what started to relieve my tennis elbow. Other than that, I took some time entirely off lifting -- several weeks to a month or more unfortunately -- and when I went back I used a tennis elbow brace and avoided exercises which seemed to aggravate it.

Tennis elbow brace during game? : badminton - reddit

Hi guys, do you wear the tennis elbow compression sleeve and brace during badminton game or after? My elbow actually hurt during the game and especially when I use backhand which greatly reduces the power and control. I have never worn those sleeves or braces, looking for advices to use them correctly and most effectively. Thank you.

Anybody have any recommendations for better elbow support ...

There is a forearm band meant to help with tennis elbow and tendonitis called the Bandit. I use it when I experience some elbow pain and it helps. You can find it on Amazon if you search for tennis elbow brace.

Elbow Brace: Good or Bad? : physicaltherapy - reddit

My physical therapist said not to use an elbow brace because he doesn't think it is necessary. He said it's not necessary unless it's been a long time since the injury and I'm still not better, but there has been progress. This is where I'm at now: I can play an hour of tennis without the triceps getting sore. This is great.

How long to heal tennis elbow?? Best treatment for ... - reddit

Been lifting hard since then. No brace, no creams, no pain relievers, no holding back. My left arm that had the tennis elbow is just as strong and pain free as my right. Talk to your doctor and look into Astym and give it a try. My sports med doctor sent me to this treatment and it worked wonders for my tennis elbow.

Why use a tennis elbow brace for playing sports games?

A tennis elbow brace is one of the solutions to ease your pain. As the name suggests it provides relief to the area around the elbow. It is a temporary fix whose basic purpose is to keep you up and running. In case, the pain persists you better see the physician for further treatment. We will discuss at length everything related to a tennis ...